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Thank you for visiting our side. By Owner. Are you ready to move? Are you paying lot of money for storage? Do you need to clean Attic, Garage, or Home? Look no more. This Classified web side can help you to sell.


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Remember, that what you sell is something you don't want, anyway.

1. Set the date, time - plan 2-3 weeks a had

2. What you gone put on sale?

3. Alone or with 2-5 or more families

4. Inform me, at gsale@usale2.com. Ads with photos sell more.

5. Have plenty of change: $0.25, $1, $3, $5

6. Attractive, clean items will sell first

7. Expensive items keep it by yourself

8. Keep money in the packet

9. Season sale - good idea

10. String up a clothesline to display any clothing you may have

11. Use space under the table

12. Mark price clearly with black marker, if more than one family, use Zip code+$ or part of the phone #.

13. Provide power outlet and extension cord for testing

14. Try sell "by lot", couple items together for one price

15. Put on sale everything you do not need

To post your Garage Sale you need to wright decryption of your items and provide the picture.

I will take photos (only in Chicago Land aerial) I will charge you only $34.95


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Running 24/7   Garage Sale
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